Friday, June 4, 2010

A few pictures

Logan took these photos the last time he was in Sadaani. Logan was there in the Fall of 2008 for a visit.

An update on our preparations: Yesterday, we went to Safeway during Lunch and we happened to check the school section, and sure enough, chalk and frisbees were super cheap. We bought 6 boxes of chalk to give to the teachers (both white AND colored) and a few more frisbees. In addition to bringing some footballs (soccer balls) to the kids in Sadaani, we're going to teach them how to play frisbee. Logan is convinced that the kids will love frisbee. I sure hope so too.

We went to Target and Scheels two days ago to get ready for the camping part. We bought a mosquito net, Dr. Bronner's Soap (environmentally friendly), a head lamp, and some other items. We're almost ready to go, we're getting excited!

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