Saturday, June 12, 2010

24 hour countdown!

Tomorrow morning, at 545 AM Mountain time, our alarm clocks will beep and buzz, waking us up for the first day of our big adventure.
Today, we're making the final preparations. One of these preparations: Logan's Hair. :)

The first picture is with only the top cut off.. needless to say, I thought it was hilarious.

And the end result...

Other things we're working on are laundry, last minute packing, and cleaning up our mess downstairs in the Stuck residence. (It was super messy because not only are we packing for Tz, but we're also packing for the apartment in the fall in Mpls.)

Tonight, Terri is taking both Logan and myself out to dinner - The last supper, if you will.

So, here is the plan for tomorrow. We're going to be flying from Rapid City to Denver, Denver to Houston, Houston to Amsterdam, then FINALLY Amsterdam to Nairobi, Kenya. (You might be thinking: Wait a sec, they're going to TANZANIA, not KENYA. What is this?) Well, we saved $1000 on tickets by flying to Nairobi, and we'll be taking the bus down to Dar es Salaam. We should get to Dar sometime on Tuesday night or Wednesday. In the meantime, internet will be limited. Do not be alarmed if we do not post anything. I told my dad we got kidnapped if I don't call him for a week. But, I don't anticipate that happening. :)

When we get into Dar, we'll be staying with Logan's host family near the University of Dar es Salaam. Logan had a homestay with them in 2008 during his ACM program, and they are opening their home to us for the week that we are in Dar making some final preparations.

Today is a day of lasts for the next couple months: Last hot shower for a while (if Tz is anything like Senegal, then definitely last hot shower for a while), last cup of coffee with soy milk (probably not a lot of soy in Tz - I drink soy not to be pretentious, but because I have a milk allergy), last cloudy day (weather in Rapid City hasn't been too fantastic), and other lasts that I probably haven't realized yet.

That's all for now, thanks for reading!

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  1. Logan: Love the hair! Monica: you should've done something similar. lol. jk.